How Donald is trumping up fake excuses to build a chauvinist America!

What’s wrong with our world today? Well, I’m a news reporter and have been working in the media for a while now… Turning on the news channel every night has become a nightmare… And I bet that I’m not the only one! From ISIS, Al Quaida and Boko Haram in Eastern Africa, Kim Jong-Un, the frenzied dictator, in North Korea, migrant issues up in the air in Europe and now Donald Trump in the USA, with his trompe l’oeil campaign, to revolt not only Americans themselves but the whole world!

Making America great Again!

Yes Donald!! Let’s talk about greatness! Greatness is about those who wake up every morning to help others – with disregard to race, origin, faith or colour -without expecting anything in return! Greatness is when Women in Syria are forced to go on the battlefield to protect their children and family! Greatness is about all those people – doctors, engineers, soldiers, civilian volunteers, etc… – who have left their loved ones to go help those in need in war zones or troubled areas. Greatness is also about all those who care to build a better world by making small unnoticed actions everyday by sharing, caring, helping and working together towards maintaining peace, protecting human beings, preserving democracy and freedom!

Donald’s Trompe L’oeil Campaign

A campaign with an odd smell of “selfishness” behind a person professing Greatness! Greatness for whom? America or Trump? A campaign built on shocking measures aimed at being politically incorrect. In this day and age, how on earth is it possible that one single person is trying to divide the United States with a list of irresponsible Campaign promises? Deporting the almost 11 million immigrants illegally living in the United States but on the other hand, continuing to allow lowly paid foreign workers to come to the US on temporary works visas because as Donald Trump puts it “they are the only ones who want to pick grapes”. Wow, if this is not greatness then what is it? How can getting rid of gun-free zones at military bases and in schools bring back the American Dream?

“Start winning again! Strengthen the military so that it’s “so big and so strong and so great” that “nobody’s going to mess with us.”  Thanks for your definition of Greatness, Donald! I also have a definition of Trump, it used to mean a helpful or admirable person but it’s totally outdated these days! I also found a great definition of greatness for you to meditate on: “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”, Bob Marley.

Is Trump a threat to Humanity? Post your comments below!


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